Fun Facts About Tina 

 A comedian at heart | love to laugh |  love a good cup of hot coffee |  red lipstick | music | lilies | butterflies | scented candles | the colors  purple,blue & pink | shoes | my BFF Candice | recipe sharing | a good tv program | a nice hot bath|.

Hello Everyone! I'm Tina, owner of Leap Into Destiny Weddings & Events, Now based in Orange County, NY. 

Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. Tina resides in Orange County, NY.  Happy mom to Michael, Aviana, Madison, and Aria. A follower of Christ, and a over comer of Domestic Violence. 

Aside from my passion of coordinating weddings & events, My creative ability consists of having a love of makeup artistry and being a NY state licensed Cosmetologist since 2005,  working at prestigious hair salons such as Dramatics NYC, Miwa Alex, and Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa and Salon. My professional ability consists of having an extensive background in customer service working at companies such as Morgan Stanley and AST. Combine the two, and you get a well rounded creative professional.  


About Leap Into Destiny

Leap Into Destiny Weddings & Events is a Wedding Planning and Event Design Boutique specializing in Wedding Management, formerly Month of Coordination & Bridal Makeup Artistry in Orange County, NY and the surrounding Hudson Valley areas. Upon request, We will travel and provide full wedding planning. 

At Leap Into Destiny, we believe that all things are possible! Our goal is to coordinate, organize, design, and execute each clients individual vision by paying attention to detail, providing excellent customer service, and offering a friendly, professional atmosphere. 



I look forward to hearing your story and being apart of the making of something new. Take a Leap Into Destiny, Where I Will Coordinate for you! Contact Tina today!